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At EduClean we take pride in eliminating all of your janitorial worries and frustrations at a very affordable rate and in the healthiest way possible. From floor maintenance and management programs to full-service janitorial contracts to one-off cleaning projects, our experienced janitorial crew will provide exceptional services in all aspects of the process – all while staying well within the budget. Our main goal is making your job easier to do by proactively taking off the burden of janitorial costs and needs from your mind.


EduClean has a management team with over 100 years of combined experience.
EduClean was formed because as parents, we saw a need for a company that could specialize in cleaning schools. Our greatest natural resource is our children. We want to ensure the future of this great country is left in great hands.
A clean and healthy learning environment is a major piece of that puzzle.


The executive management team of EduClean is required to attend continuing
education classes throughout the year. We have a team that is certified to teach
management training classes as well as to train everybody from front line janitors to operations management. Our entire operation management team is required to attain certification given by our industry association.


Each employee that we hire is put through a strenuous and extensive screening
process. This include E-verify, drug screen, and multi-state background check,
which ensures that our employees are trustworthy and of the highest character
and eligibility.

million school days lost to cold and flu
billion dollars spent on teacher absences per year
million bacteria per square inch on water fountains


About 56 million students and six million staff attend our nation’s schools each school day. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reports half of them are exposed to polluted indoor air, lead, chemical fumes, pesticides, molds and other toxins — conditions that we would never tolerate in our homes. Then, there’s often overcrowding, inadequate sanitation and the health issues that follow. A green cleaning program can help reduce these harmful exposures—and it can do so much more.

– Nearly 60 million school days are lost annually to the common cold and infleunza.
– Elementary students contract 6-10 colds or flu cases each school year.
– Students average 5.3 missed days per year.
– Teachers average 4.5 missed days per year.
– Chronically absent students are 7.4 times more likely to drop out of school.
– Teacher absences cost $25 billion annually.

There is a growing body of evidence that makes the positive correlation between student academic performance and the state of “cleanliness” within the school facilities. An unhealthy school environment undermines efforts to keep students and staff healthy and give children a quality education, especially those with health conditions. After all, how can a school function at its best if students and staff are sick because the building environment is unhealthy?

EduClean has incorporated a well-designed green cleaning program that will:

– Help students stay healthy and learn.
– Protect the health of teachers and staff.
– Increase the lifespan of facilities.
– Preserve the environment.
– Promote fiscal responsibility.

From reducing carbon emissions to boosting test scores, green cleaning comes with a long list of benefits. In fact, green cleaning is one of those rare practices that meet all three pillars of sustainability: economic, environmental and social.

Water fountain spigot – 2,700,000 bacteria per inch.

Cafeteria tray – 33,800 bacteria per inch.

Computer keyboard – 3,000 bacteria per inch.

Toilet seat – 3,200 bacteria per inch.

Desktops – 20,961 bacteria per inch

Don’t let your school be the victim of a cleaning company that doesn’t know how to clean at a professional level.

Inexperienced cleaners may use chemicals that are harmful to your environment. Using ECO-FRIENDLY cleaning products is safer for students, teachers and cleaning staff. Harsh cleaning products can cause skin and eye irritation, headaches and nausea.

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A clean school today, equals a better Texas tomorrow.

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